Book Giveaway – The Democracy Game

We have a copy of The Democracy Game to giveaway.

Author: Riley Chance

The Democracy Game: RRP $35.00 Published by: Copy Press Books

Set in New Zealand’s near future, New Zealand author Riley Chance examines concerns about forces shaping our society in this page-turning thriller.

Populist political parties are increasing their influence across the world. It couldn’t happen in New Zealand, could it?

Journalist Grace Marks is investigating two seemingly unrelated stories – New Zealand’s alt-right and the emergence of a new organisation, ProtectNZ. When a ‘dead man’s hand’ is nailed to her front door with a knife, she realises her investigations are ruffling feathers.

Former US agent Marla Simmons, hiding in New Zealand after a mission went sour, decides Grace needs help. She discovers that finding out who is orchestrating the attacks won’t be straightforward.

ProtectNZ, campaigning under the populist slogan “Protecting the lives of ordinary New Zealanders”, is gaining popularity. Using lessons from overseas, Grace is concerned ProtectNZ is treating democracy as a game, a game they’re playing well. When their charismatic leader is shot in a politically motivated attack, interest in ProtectNZ surges.

The stories collide as Grace and Marla’s investigations deepen. When a body is found, the question is not only who did it, but who was the victim, and why?

As the polls reflect ProtectNZ’s growing popularity, Grace and Marla race to expose those pulling strings, so the voting public knows the truth.

‘Riley Chance is producing high-quality local thrillers with a strong political thread, touching on significant issues facing New Zealand society in the modern world’, Editor Geoff Walker.


Book Giveaway - The Democracy Game