Book Giveaway – Caged

We have a copy of Caged to giveaway.

Author: Susan Brocker

Caged: RRP $20.99 Published by: Scholastic

Beloved New Zealand author Susan Brocker’s latest novel for children involves a crisis, a rescue and a daring pursuit.

A heart-wrenching and ultimately uplifting story about Sam, a 14-year-old girl from a struggling homeless family, who is already involved in petty crime. She must face her own fears and her sense of what is right, to defy a dangerous drug criminal, and rescue starving dogs and their pups from an inhumane backyard breeder.

This novel for children 10+ is an insight into the life of the less fortunate and the cruelty of the puppy farming racket.

Susan Brocker’s love of animals is evident in this heart-warming story of how one girl can make a difference, and it is set in an urban landscape.

Book Giveaway - Caged