Book Giveaway – The Feeling of Cancer

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Author: Sandra Russell

The Feeling of Cancer: RRP $35.00 Published by: Self Aware

A psychotherapist shares her own deeply personal experience of confronting the emotional challenges of living with incurable cancer.

Cancer can threaten not just your life, but your very identity. Shocked by the devastating emotional impact of a diagnosis of incurable cancer, psychotherapist Sandra Russell takes us on her six-year search for ways to live this changed life.

The Feeling of Cancer draws us into the intimate world of her emotional states, beyond the physical and medical demands of modern cancer treatment, revealing her most vulnerable feelings as she navigates a traumatic diagnosis, intensive treatment, eventual remission and the devastation of relapse.

In this honest, powerful and affecting account of her lived reality, Sandra shows how making sense of her feelings ultimately allows her to find herself again and gain a level of inner peace.


Book Giveaway - The Feeling of Cancer