Book Giveaway – Black Wolf

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Author: Juan Gomez-Jurado

Black Wolf: RRP $37.99 Published by: MacMillan

The second novel in the international bestselling phenomenon ‘Red Queen’ series.

Antonia Scott is not afraid of anything. Only herself. But there is someone more dangerous than her. Someone who could beat her. The black wolf is getting closer. And Antonia, for the first time, is scared.

In southern Spain, in the Costa del Sol, a key mafia figure is found brutally murdered in his villa. His pregnant wife, Lola Morena, barely escapes an attempt to kill her in a shopping mall and is on the run. A shipping container from St Petersburg arrives in port in Spain containing the corpses of nine women, all of whom suffocated. Now Antonia, with the help of her helper and protector, Jon Gutierrez, must track down the missing Lola.

But they aren’t the only ones on Lola’s trail – a dangerous contract killer, known as the Black Wolf, is also on the hunt. And Antonia Scott, still plagued by her personal demons, must outwit, outmanoeuvre, and ultimately, face this terrible, mysterious rival.


Book Giveaway - Black Wolf