Book Giveaway – The Tui has Landed

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Author: Jodie Shelley

The Tūī  Has Landed: RRP $30.00 Published by: Bank Street Publishing

Kiwi novelist Jodie Shelley was inspired by an Instagram live series delivered by Marian Keyes to write her page-turning and quirky debut novel, a tale of friendship, problem gambling and revenge.

“Are we calling it ‘encouragement’ now? I like it. Less in your face than ‘blackmail’.”

Becky, unlucky in love and facing unemployment, won’t let life get her down.

Anahera, stepmum to three boisterous boys, has found love but is struggling to find her place in the world.

When Anahera’s life is unexpectedly turned upside down, she and Becky recruit their resourceful friends and hatch a mad plan to avenge a wrong and to return a precious ring to its rightful owner, Anahera’s beloved koro. Together, they embark on a risky and, at times hilarious, late-night adventure.

In the meantime, a mysterious character begins her personal descent as she immerses herself in a pit of addiction and blackmail.

The questions remain: Will Becky find the connection and purpose she seeks? And will Anahera secure her koro’s ring and set her world to right?

The Tūī  Has Landed is a New Zealand tale of friendship, problem gambling and revenge, set against a backdrop of terrible pick-up lines, outrageous dating disasters, and ultimately, the principle of aroha mai, aroha atu – love received, and love returned.


Book Giveaway - The Tui has Landed