Book Giveaway – El Flamingo

We have a copy of El Flamingo to give away!

Author: Nick Davies

El Flamingo: RRP $31.99 Published by: YBK Publishers

A debut sunset-noir novel from Kiwi actor-turned-writer Nick Davies sweeps the reader into a dangerous world of Latin-American espionage.

With no role in sight and nothing to lose, actor Lou Galloway heads to Mexico to drown his sorrows. But after a mezcal too many, he is mistaken for a rouge assassin known simply as ‘El Flamingo’. Before he can escape, he meets Maria-Carla, an enigmatic beauty with incredible perfume, and is swept into the dangerous world of Latin-American espionage. From Mariachi weddings to Colombian salsa bars, Lou has only one choice – to assume the identity of El Flamingo.

One thing is for sure. This is the role of his life!

El Flamingo is at its heart, as sunset-noir, in which the self-deprecating, soul-searching Lou Galloway takes on what every dreamer longs for – the impossible.


Book Giveaway - El Flamingo