Book Giveaway – Girl of the Mountains

We have a copy of Girl of the Mountains to give away!

Author: Trish McCormack

Girl of The Mountains: RRP $39.99 Published by: Glacier Press

This multi-layered novel from New Zealand author Trish McCormack is a compelling mystery set in the beautiful Southern Alps, inspired by real-life history.

All she had to do now was disappear.

The Hermitage Mt Cook 1946. When the volatile Stella is hired as a mountain guide she vows never to return to a life of domesticity below the snowline. With her mentor Philip and troubled returned soldier Jim she roams the Southern Alps finding freedom in her unconventional career. But Stella and her friends are powerless to prevent a tragedy which will shatter their lives.

2019. Veteran Wellington journalist Kath walks out of her life leaving behind some puzzling old mountaineering photographs. Her daughters, small-town reporter Robin and alpine guide Helen, learn of a deathbed confession made by their grandmother. Sarah decades earlier. But they don’t know if it is linked to Kath’s disappearance. In searching for their mother, they uncover the twisted story of the ill-fated Stella, Philip and Jim and expose the lie at the heart of their family.


Book Giveaway - Girl of the Mountains